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Storm! News SDLdotNet Looks Like Fun :)

High Point, NC (October 23, 2007) - Things are still going slow on the hobbyiest side of things, but I've been working with SDLdotNet. I'll be updating my dotnet sample page (which I'll have up this weekend with at least 2 samples in Visual Studio and Nant flavors) sporadically throughout the next month as I learn more about this version of iteration of Simple Directmedia Layer. Also, I guess I've been missing files from this site for a very long time and I just didn't have a chance to look for them. I found them! The Dreamcast SDL examples page now has working links to all examples. I apologize to everyone who has e-mailed me about that in the past few months. Also, hopefully some C# .NET versions of some of those examples will find their way onto the C# SDLDotNet page soon, and hopefully I can do something with this idea I have...

God Bless, Will (willsams@storm-studios(dot)net)