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Ah, the memories.  Here are some of my old Dreamcast projects.  Those curious on how to burn DC stuff, or how any of this is even possible, please visit DC Emulation.Com.  If you've never burnt anything for the DC before I suggest you visit the site to save yourself the headaches.  Btw, all of this is perfectly legal and allegedly people at Sega of America were interested in the homebrew Dreamcast scene.  Too bad the console was discontinued shortly thereafter.  I don't play games much anymore, but the Sega Dreamcast will always be my favorite.

Catz n' Dogz

Descripition:  Simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe.  Utilizing a theme of cats and dogs.  This was the first game I've ever done, and it shows.  A "functional" s3m player is included.  Debut was 22 May '02 and it was developed using C, Libdream 0.9.5, and DC Gfx. 


- DJ image - ready to burn, DiscJuggler self booting image.  I'm not sure if this works anymore.                  

-plain files (scrambled) - bootable binary, Consolevision ip.bin

-plain files (unscrambled) - unbootable binary, no ip.bin

Vectoroids DC 

Descripition:  A port of Vectoroids  by Bill Kendrick (www.newbreedsoftware.com/vectoroids), this Asteroids clone has seen life on many platforms.  My port is the same great game but it has a bigger display and you can save high scores to your VMU.  Main menu in this version has been provided by James Futhey, the same guy who has designed both of my Storm! Studios logos over the years. Developed using C, KOS, and SDL-DC.


-plain files (scrambled)  - bootable binary, ip.bin (1.6mb)

-plain files (unscrambled)  - unbootable binary, no ip.bin (1.3mb)

-self booting DJ image  ready to burn, DiscJuggler selfbooting image.  Not sure if this works anymore. (1.6mb)

source - C source code (929kb)

Defendguin DC

Description: My personal favorite. This is a port of a Defender clone by Bill Kendrick (www.newbreedsoftware.com/defendguin),  and this game also has seen life on many platforms.  Has a bit of a Linux theme, good music, and is fast paced.  This game is for one or two players, and supports analog control as well as saving your high score to your VMU. Developed using C, KOS, and SDL-DC.


-Unscramble binary  unbootable binary, no ip.bin (3.10mb)

-Scrambled binary bootable binary, no ip.bin (3.57mb)

-Source C source code (2.71mb)