Will Sams has generously invited me to become a part of Storm Studios. I hope to have plenty to contribute in the near future.
June 5, 2007 - I've just uploaded an updated version of VC/DC, numbered 0.1a. The most noticable difference will be the improvement in sound quality. Get at it on my VC/DC page.
May 25, 2007 - As you can see below, I had intended to post an update almost a year ago. My appologies to those who have been waiting for my Wolf3d source code. It's a mess. I haven't cleaned it up.

Also, it seems that I don't have the code or binaries for VC/DC on this computer. I plan to overhaul the code on that anyway, but we know how good I am at sticking to a plan.
June 4, 2006 - Another long time without an update--this time, it's been over two years. I've still been actively developing off and on during that time, although the moment this page goes live will mark my first release of anything since April of 2004. I'd like to thank Will Sams for continuing to host my pages and files for all this time, and I hope to have more regular updates in the future.

Anyway, here's what I have been working on off and on for too many months:
A port of Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny to the Dreamcast, with working sound. Source code is available to any who wish to improve upon the project (and I'm sure there is room for improvement), and sbi files are available to those who would like to play the game.
4/10/2004 - Wow, long time without an update here! I've got a new download for you. Actually, it's two downloads. The first is an example showing how to render Derek J. Evan's Yeti3D engine using SDL. The second is a few tools I made or dug up on the 'net to help make your own content for use with Yeti3d. Click here for the downloads.
10/02/2003 - Nothing big, just a tutorial I wrote up really quickly. This shows how to make scrolling backgrounds similar to the ones I used in Bathunt. Requires a recent version of SDL. Click here to download.
9/29/03 - A new improved version of the FLXPlay library is available, along with an example program for Windows, Mac OS X, and Sega Dreamcast. Check the FLXPlay page for more info.
9/23/03 - Just a small update. I've been working on Bathunt lately, so there should be an updated version of that game with sound and several levels within the next few weeks. No screenshots yet, because I'm trying to get the code working the way I want to before putting too much effort into making graphics.

Also, I've been making some modifications to flxplay_lib, so if you're interested, that should have an update soon as well.
The first thing I've released since joning up here is a modified version of Jasper Berlijn's flxplay, which uses SDL to display flc movies.
My version can be used like a lib from within your SDL apps. It has been tested on Win32 and Dreamcast.
flxplay_lib can be found here.
I also have my first DC game, Graf Orlock's Bathunt available here. Bathunt will hopefully have an update in the near future, as I've been messing with the code a little bit.
I also have one or two other things in the works, so stay tuned!
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