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Just a quick page I put together with links of quick SDL ports I did.  These are not meant really to be burnt on disc, these are for those who want to see how easy to port SDL code and for those who want to mess around with code and learn.

NOTE:  My makefiles are a tad different from most when it comes to the romdisk.  KOS' bin2o utility seem to stop working for some Win32 users so JMD came up with Bin2oDC.  I use that, but I left the normal target in the makefile commented.  Just comment mine and un comment the one you may need.

NOTE2:  After requests (and seeing that DC Homebrew hosts some of this stuff), I've decided make burnable images and fix some things.  So far, Commaner Tux Duel and Space Jumper has been edited ;-)  - 6 JUN 2k3

NOTE3:  There were a ton of broken links on this page for a very long time, and I finally found a CD with the said missing files: 2ktetris, BarrageDC, Spiderland, SuperTux, TuxMath, the water demo, and the waves demo. I apologize to all who have requested them the past few months.   - 23 Oct 2k7

-Win32 binary, DC un-scrambled binary, source   188 kb     

            -elf binary /source 1.4 megs

-unscrambled bin/source 1.3 M            

- unscrambled bin/source 1.7 M

- source 345 kb

- unscrambled binary 690 kb

- scrambled binary 823 kb 

- Commander Tux Duel @ DC Homebrew (thanks, Zoidberg)

-elf binary/source 939 kb

    -binaries, source 267 kb

Actual character sprite not pictured LOL

- unscrambled bin/src 299 kb

- src 46 kb

- unscrambled binary 178 kb

- scrambled binary 246 kb

-Space Jumper @ Consolevision (thanks, Metafox)

-Space Jumper @ DC Homebrew(thanks, Zoidberg)

-source 546 kb

-scrambled binary, ip.bin, data files 676 kb

- unscrambled binary, data files 651 kb

- source 1.3 M

- scrambled binary 1.7M

- Super Tux @ DC Hombrew (thanks, Zoidberg)

- Selfboot Inducer file @ Sbiffy! (thanks, Burnero & ZacMc)

- unscrambled bin/source 3.5 M

-elf binary/ source 525 kb

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